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University of Jinan Quancheng College is a comprehensive university with bachelor degree offering qualification, accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and administered by Shandong Provincial Government. Supported by University of Jinan, the college has taken the new systems of running and management since its foundation in 2005. It insists on the philosophy of “Student-oriented, Education-based, College-branded” and trains a lot of elites who have the ability of creation and application in different fields.

University of Jinan Quancheng College with total enrollment of 7500 students, offers 25 specialties for bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of economics, management science, literature, science, engineering and arts, including Television Broadcasting Science, Advertising, English, Chinese Linguistics and Literature, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Product Design, Film Production, Photography, Music, Culture Industry Management, Public Administration, International Economics and Trade, Marketing, Economic Sciences, Financial Management, Finance Engineering, Mechanical Designing and Manufacturing Automation, Electrical engineering and automation , Network Engineering, Software Engineering, Biotechnology, etc. Based on the University of Jinan, the college has a high-quality faculty formed by the academic leaders and backbone teachers as the core, teachers with high-professional title as the main force, outstanding young and middle-aged teachers as the support.

University of Jinan Quancheng College is of rigorous philosophy in both teaching and study. The postgraduate admission rates rank at the top of the same kind of colleges and many students are enrolled by leading universities such as Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, etc. In addition, the students take active part in national and provincial technology innovation events winning 3 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 5 third prizes at the national level; 29 first prizes, 42 second prizes and 72 third prizes at the provincial level in recent years, which shows great advantage of Quancheng College in cultivating technological innovation of students.

In order to adapt to the national development strategy of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, supported by governments and Shandong Dazhong News Group, University of Jinan Quancheng College moved to Penglai, located in the north coast of Shandong Peninsula, bordering on Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea. It is one of the Seven World Grape Coasts and National Historic Cities. The College is located among two hills, ranging from south to north by the sea and to north is the Changdao Islands and to its east isPenglai Pavilion. It is originally planned to cover an area of 1,210,666 square meters, its total finished construction area is 300,000 square meters with complete infrastructure, favorable teaching conditions, beautiful environment, and strong cultural atmosphere.

After moving to Penglai, University of Jinan Quancheng College not only occupies the superior geographical position and beautiful natural environment but also takes advantage of the economic development program of Shandong peninsula and meets the demand of market for talents. The national strategic planning area provides broad space for teaching, scientific research, employment and international communication. University of Jinan Quancheng College will seize the opportunities to ride the tide and create future prosperity.

University of Jinan Quancheng College enrolls students from all over China. It offers diploma for students who finish all the required courses and pass the examinations. According to the relevant Chinese regulations, it awards corresponding bachelor’s degree to eligible graduates.

University of Jinan is a key and comprehensive university in Shandong Province and is also entitled a distinctive institution of higher learning which is committed to producing applied-talented students. Enrolling students from all over China, it offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs and enjoys the right to recommend postgraduates exempting admission examinations.

Now there is an excellent faculty team at the university, consisting of academicians, professors, "Taishan Scholars", and outstanding experts with provincial and national credentials. The university boasts 1981 full-time teaching staff, of which 285 are professors, 604 are associate professors, 611 faculty who have earned doctoral degrees. There are 2 academicians who are members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one person who is selected in National Talents Project, 7 experts who are members of the National Education Instruction Committee of the Ministry of Education, 4 professors who are elected in New Century Talents Project Supported by Ministry of Education. One teacher is awarded the honor of National Renowned Teacher and one team is selected as national excellent teaching team. Two scholars are selected in the Taishan Scholar Climbing Plan and 15 distinguished professors are prestigiously titled Taishan Scholars. 22 are awarded the honor of outstanding experts at the provincial level and national level and 69 staff members enjoy special allowance of Chinese State Council. There are 9 Shandong Provincial Renowned Teacher and 6 Shandong Provincial Excellent Teaching Teams.